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I)Before visiting Dr. Huang, I had been to two other tattoo removal centers. My experience here has been by far the best- and I will be coming back! Dr. Huang is very knowledgeable, and took the time to make sure I understood everything about the procedure. He is very empathetic to pain, and even applied numbing cream before using the laser. The customer service here is exceptional, and the pricing is extremely reasonable as well (compared to NYC). I highly recommend coming in for a consultation. They know what they are doing here!

II)Honestly best tattoo removal doctor out there with great prices ! he is so kind and always wants you to be comfortable offering you tea water to sit on a couch while the numbing cream starts to work.  he takes pictures and asks about what your ethnicity is to make sure he uses the right laser for your skin type for best results.  with in two sessions i already have white spots in my tattoo.  he loves to talk which is very comforting and makes sure he alternates with ice to make sure you have the least painful experience.  i totally recommend him as a doctor and i wouldn't go anywhere else or trust anyone else !!!

III)I was very nervous going into a tattoo laser procedure, but Dr. Huang made it such a great experience and as painless as possible. I do not write Yelp reviews unless truly deserved and this one is!

When I first entered his office, he sat me down and went into extensive detail and attention to explain to me the process of the tattoo removal. He analyzed my skin type and healing time and asked me very specific questions to narrow down to my exact treatment. Very informative.

When it came to the procedure he made sure I was as comfortable as possible. The pain can be described as a rubber band snapping and it hurt, probably not that bad, but I have no tolerance for pain. Anyways he was very patient and genuinely tried to ease the pain. He offers numbing medication and if you need a break stops before continuing on. I had him stop several times.

Price wise, it is $75 for the consultation, but if you get the procedure done the same day, he waives the fee and only charges you amount depending on size, color, and complexity. My tattoo is about 1.5 sq inches and has multiple colors, but  the larger and more complex, the more it costs and you may need several sessions. You should know, if you are serious about the procedure, it 

IV)"After living with cystic acne for many years dealing with daily outbreaks and the after effects to my face, I’ve finally found a treatment that works.  During my consultation with Dr. Huang he explained a new treatment that would enhance the natural and essential process of skin exfoliation which I was desperately lacking.  A quick and relatively painless process called Spectra Carbon Peel which help to remove the buildup of dead skin on my face, which has been a contributing factor to my years of acne breakouts.  After a twenty minute procedure that can be best described as a “high tech spa facial” that included a carbon mud cream; ear plugs and room darken shades finished with an energizing cleansing. Remarkable, I was able to go back to work and out for dinner that very evening without anyone noticing anything different about me. Since my past two treatments I haven’t had one acne breakout and seen a rejuvenation of my skin’s tone and appearance for the very first time in many years.  Thank you Dr. Huang."

--Mr. Goss