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"After living with cystic acne for many years dealing with daily outbreaks and the after effects to my face, I’ve finally found a treatment that works.  During my consultation with Dr. Huang he explained a new treatment that would enhance the natural and essential process of skin exfoliation which I was desperately lacking.  A quick and relatively painless process called Spectra Carbon Peel which help to remove the buildup of dead skin on my face, which has been a contributing factor to my years of acne breakouts.  After a twenty minute procedure that can be best described as a “high tech spa facial” that included a carbon mud cream; ear plugs and room darken shades finished with an energizing cleansing. Remarkable, I was able to go back to work and out for dinner that very evening without anyone noticing anything different about me. Since my past two treatments I haven’t had one acne breakout and seen a rejuvenation of my skin’s tone and appearance for the very first time in many years.  Thank you Dr. Huang."

--Mr. Goss